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AZURA MC 210 Sweeping Solutions

Compact Sweeper

The new Azura MC 210 platform is the culmination of over 90 years' experience in the field of cleaning, comprising four different solutions: pure sweeping, versatile sweeping, brushing and washing. In a world where comfort, reliability, performance and respect for the environment are the minimum requirement today, the new MC210 sets new standards in urban cleanliness... 
  • A pure and functional design...
  • A comfortable and spacious cab...
  • Useful and intuitive technologies...
  • Enhanced performance...
  • Dedicated and tailor-made cleaning solutions...
  • An environmentally friendly approach...


design latérale

福彩3d走势图带连线the characteristic curves of the previous generation have gone; the new azura mc 210 sports a modern urban design which enhances the image of cleanliness. with its extra- compact dimensions, this sweeper blends into the urban environment.

  • Streamlined style 
  • Relevant volumes 
  • A cab which combines design and practicality 



Capture d’écran 2015-11-15 à 09.39.30

The passenger compartment of the new AZURA MC 210 makes its mark with its extra-high and extra-low windscreen, with its glass-panelled side doors, panoramic and wide-angle mirrors, rear-view quarter panels, floor window, suction nozzle and rear view cameras. At the wheel, you are completely in control of your environment and enjoy a dominant position and an unsurpassed 360° view. 

Luxury driving

tableau de bord MC 210

Space has been freed up, giving the driver and passenger an extra 20% of room. The passenger compartment has been de-cluttered for greater comfort. The driving position can be adjusted to all body shapes thanks to the enhanced cab, and a wide range of seat and steering column settings. These excellent ergonomics reduce joint and muscle tension. Combined with a calm environment, the overall feeling is one of well-being. Designed for on-board comfort

You can now perform your sweeping tasks in a first-class environment thanks to the quality control equipment and a dashboard designed to optimise organisation at the driving position :

  • Standard climate control
  • Foot-level heating
  • Driver and passenger suspended seats with multiple settings and 3-point seatbelts 
  • Passenger foot-rest
  • MP3-SD-USB Bluetooth radio with hands-free kit
  • 12V plug with smartphone compartment 
  • Cup holder
  • Rear view camera
  • Suction nozzle camera 


écran contrôle

A user-friendly, intuitive screen 

ergonomically built into the middle of the dashboard, the 7-inch multi-function colour screen with quality graphics can accompany you whilst operating the sweeper, and even afterwards. 

the screen offers a number of services and promotes a dialogue between the machine and the operator, offers easier and quick maintenance for technicians and better monitoring of daily operation for managers. 

  • Real-time surveillance of active functions,
  • Log book to access useful operational data (hours worked, distances travelled, average consumption, etc.),
  • An integrated diagnostic help tool,
  • A function to extract operational data and to update via USB stick,
  • A PDF-file reader. 

keypad console de porte

Intuitive work controls 

福彩3d走势图带连线the azura mc 210 features new and innovative work controls, managed by canbus. this technology, used in our equipment for 10 years, has been redesigned to revolutionise your sweeping approach thanks to its ease of use. 

The new keypads have short pressure buttons with backlit display, each one representing a function symbolised by an icon and a colour code. Utilising this technology, you can activate and deactivate the sweeping mode simply by pressing the Start & Sweep button. 

the single multi-function joystick allows the driver to control movements more accurately. 

福彩3d走势图带连线this technology is focused on the operator’s needs. 



quality is apparent in the details. the predecessor offered unrivalled performance on all fields; the azura mc 210 exceeds the qualities which made the previous generation so successful.

Innovative PPS sweeping system

mobilité balais PPS

the innovative push and pull system offers multiple fields of application thanks to its integrated searching system. its independent control of the brushes provides advantages similar to a three-brush solution (handling, access to remote areas, etc.).

福彩3d走势图带连线the brushes are mounted on rotary cylinders – patented technology – which increases the sweeping system’s functionality and its operating potential and makes it possible to reach a maximum sweeping range of 2450 mm.

Optimised power at low speed

thanks to the new hydraulic system with dedicated functions, an extra-wide reinforced suction nozzle and large-diameter high-resistance direct suction pipe, the suction power is improved by nearly 10% at low speed and the cooling capacity is enhanced to guarantee suitability for all environments. 

Manoeuvrability in line with the demands of the city 

MC210_Benne_6975 retouchée

with its extra-compact dimensions, small rear overhang, 2 or 4 wheel steering in sweeping mode and an optimised turning radius, the azura mc 210 can easily negotiate obstacles and can be manoeuvered with great agility through narrow streets. the urban environment is definitely its favourite playground. 

In travel mode, the Auto-Steer 福彩3d走势图带连线function, which automatically realigns the rear axle, allows the operator to stay focused on his task and to quickly and safely get from one working zone to another. 

Proven chassis 

A large capacity stainless steel 4016 hopper, reinforced chassis, resized rear axle with safe load capacity of 3.5 tonnes and 16-inch premium wheels offer payload capacities of + 400 kg


In the city, no task is too challenging 

the azura mc 210 'flex' is the essence of flexibility; being the 5-in-1 tool-sweeper version of the azura mc 210. 

designed to be in action all year round thanks to its remarkable performance and flexibility, it will meet all your needs in terms of urban viability in all seasons, more than any other solution. 

福彩3d走势图带连线with the standard front arrangement, it becomes a three-brush sweeping solution, a mechanical weeding solution, a brushing/ scouring, washing or snow removal solution. 

it takes less than 5 minutes to install the different tools. it is therefore easy for the operator and doesn't require specific machines for the various tasks. 

Capture d’écran 2015-11-15 à 09.57.19

A third robust and efficient brush

for mechanical weeding operations, treatment of cluttered or inaccessible zones.


Capture d’écran 2015-11-15 à 09.55.23

An innovative brushing and scouring unit comprising 3 brushes,

combined with a system for collecting waste water will allow you to renovate any type of porous or smooth floor (paving stones, marble, natural stone, etc.).thanks to its integrated detergent tank filled with a precise dosing system, all you will leave behind is a genuine impression of cleanliness. 


Capture d’écran 2015-11-15 à 09.56.36

A washing kit,

福彩3d走势图带连线fitted with high-pressure pump, front-installed removable cleaning ramp with two side jets and a nozzle coupled with an automatic hose reel, will be essential for your washing operations. 

3 solutions for winter viability

A 200-litre salt spreader 福彩3d走势图带连线with direct spreading or circular gritter disc - the dosage is set in the cab (optional) via a control unit. 

Capture d’écran 2015-11-15 à 09.57.53

Rotating snow removal brush 

福彩3d走势图带连线installed at the front of the azura flex. this acts in addition to the spreader at the rear to carry out efficient and complete snow removal from the road and sidewalks. 

A robust snow removal blade 福彩3d走势图带连线for easy snow removal thanks to hydraulic adjustment of the blade left and right. 


The AZURA MC 210 thinks of tomorrow, today

offering a clean environment every day is the basis of our activity. our eco-responsible approach ensures well-being and comfort for operators and residents. 

Capture d’écran 2015-11-15 à 10.06.36

An eco-efficient working mode

The new AZURA MC 210 has three pre-defined working speeds to handle the different sweeping tasks which the operator encounters daily: an EcoMode, a standard mode and a BoostMode limited to 10 minutes of use.


Capture d’écran 2015-11-15 à 10.08.55


80% of common sweeping tasks are handled with ecomode. this working mode leads to:

  • Up to 50% fuel savings compared to an intensive working mode, • Less noise pollution,
  • Preserving the lifetime of your sweeper. 

moteur 3D

Latest-generation clean engines

mathieu offers two engines in compliance with euro 6 and tier iv road standards, which largely reduce particle and nitrogen oxide emissions thanks to new after treatment equipment. 


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